Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to APO addresses?   

Yes, we are honored to ship to our troops.  Please contact us with the APO address. We will promptly provide you with a shipping quote and shipping date deadline for Christmas.

The shopping cart is stating my credit card is invalid.

MasterCard is the default choice in the credit card option field in the shopping cart. If you are not sure that you selected a card type, please use your back button to go back one page in the shopping cart and select the Visa option if using a Visa card.  All Visa cards begin with the number 4 and MasterCards begin with the number 5.
Do your wreaths have greens on both sides?

Our wreaths are handcrafted with fresh balsam fir tree tips attached to each side of a 12” ring, which when completed makes a beautiful, full and fluffy  22” – 24” double-sided wreath. All of our wreaths are double-sided unless specifically stated otherwise.

How do I know my decoration will be fresh?

All of our decorations are made to order.  When you place your order, your decoration is not already made.  We schedule your decoration for production and shipping to coordinate with your desired delivery date.  Our greens are picked fresh by local tippers who bring them to our farm on a daily basis.  The crafters  in the shop then handcraft them into the fresh beautiful decoration that you have ordered.  We then carefully package the decoration into a box for shipping within 24 hours. Our goal is to give you the freshest most fragrant  holiday decorations in the most timely manner possible.

Where do you get the greens that you use?

The cedar and pine is picked from the trees here  at Down On The Farm Maine Wreaths.  The balsam fir is picked in our local region by tippers who either own their own woodlots or obtain a permit to harvest tips from another landowner.  They pick only the very ends of the tree branch tips.  This does not harm the tree in any way.  It is a pruning process that actually improves the tree's quality.

 How long will my Christmas wreath last?

Your wreath or decoration will last through the holidays.  It really depends on your location.  In colder climates or northern states, the Christmas wreath will last through the winter. In southern states or very warm areas,  the Christmas wreath will last through the middle of January. Always try to place your wreath outside, avoiding the direct sunlight if possible. The wreath will not do well between a storm door and your exterior house door as this area retains heats, acting as a proofer.  If you place your wreath inside it will last about 3 weeks. We do enclose a care of your wreath instruction card with each wreath.  If you sprits the wreath with water every two to three days it will last longer as it is a live green.

When will my wreath arrive?

While filling out your shipping information, we encourage customers to specify the approximate delivery date for each recipient in the gift message box.   If no date is given,  our regular scheduled shipping begins the week of November 18th.  

How do I care for my decoration?

We enclose a post card with each decoration on how to care for it.  For most items we recommend spraying with a water mist every couple of days.  It's a simple tip that will extend the life of your wreath or decorative.

How do I edit my online order?

If you haven’t checked out yet, go to the basket contents, select the item that needs to be edited and select remove to delete the item.  You will need to start over with this item only, ordering it and entering the revised recipient and gift message information.   If you would prefer to just email the change to us, we’d be happy to do the revision for you as well.  If you have checked out and want to make a change, simply email us at and we’ll be happy to do the revision for you.

Do you offer any corporate or business discounts for volume gift orders?

Yes. Based on the number of gift wreaths you are purchasing, you will receive anywhere from a $1.00 to $3.00 off per wreath. We work with companies on distinctive decorative designs, offer multiple address shipments, and handwritten gift cards.  (Details.)